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Stretches For Your Back! X

Stretches For Your Back! X

Stretches For Your Back! X Stretches For Your Back

New Year- New Challenge

Being Able to do the Splits in 30 Days Challenge. Do the first 5 exercises every day, holding 30 - 60 seconds. Starting Day 6, do all 5 and #6, Day 7 do all 5 and #7, and so on for the rest of the month doing 6 exercises a day.

Glitter + Lazers | Why Yoga Challenges Are the Bes

Plus Size Fitness Pluss Size workouts #backtobackbends with kinoyoga beachyogagirl

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I am flexible

Want Toned, Strong and Flexible Legs in 30 Days?

Join me for the first-ever 100-Rep Barre Sculpted Leg Challenge that will sculpt, lift, tone, and stretch your gorgeous leg and glute muscles from home, no equipment needed!Together we'll do 100 reps of a new Barre-inspired leg exercise everyday, for 30 days. You'll be amazed by the results you see and feel in your body in just 10 minutes a day. Action Jacquelyn, Yoga and Barre Tutorials #ActionJacquelyn #YogaTutorials

Exercicios Para Ganhar Bumbum

Uma série de exercicios simples que você consegue fazer em casa! Esses exercicios vão ajudar a ganhar bumbum, definir abdômen e aumentar a circunferencia da perna! Quer mais dicas? acesse o link desse pin!

2 week burn belly fat

Ashtanga Yoga Poster Printable Yoga Poster Yoga Ch


Full Bow & King Kobra

14 day challenge

Stretches For Your Back! X