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I am flexible

Core Workout - Squats Challenge - Follow For More


Full Bow & King Kobra

Daily workout From home


How do you make inversions less intimidating? Use a wall! Great to build body awareness and strength. Balance will follow naturally. What other poses have you learned by using the wall? Thanks for sharing @roxanne_yoga! Here are a few tips for those who are learning to get into Pinchamayurasana or Forearm balance against the wall; starting closer to the wall makes everything a lot easier. Just keep thinking of reaching the tailbone to the sky and keep pushing the forearms (shoulder-width apart)

28 Days Challenge To Improve Flexibility

The yoga workout that helps you to become flexible and slim is right below!!! You need 30 days to see visible results!!! Try and enjoy!!! A perfect body is not the only dream but reality!!! #yoga #weightlossyoga #yogaforweightloss #yogapractise #yogaasanas #yogaexercises #yogatraining #health #healthylifestyle #yogalifestyle

Burning Fat Abs

How to master wheel yoga pose the right way?

Download FREE e-book to relieve stress through step by step yoga pose from the blog post. Credit: FB page: Mysportslounge

Simple Exercises to Reduce Hanging Belly Fat

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