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sorry armin

sorry armin

sorry armin

genshin struggle tweets on Twitter

genshin struggle tweets on Twitter: "i haven’t stopped thinking about these specific four photos in the past 24 hours… "

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✧ on Twitter: "… "

#wattpad #fanfiction Ad astra abyssosque 🌠 Welcome travelers to my turn on Genshin Impact BL oneshots. Mostly Aether x ... But also Zhongli × Childe, Kaeya x Albedo, Diluc x Venti, etc Categories: - Cute/fluff - Smut 🌶 - Angst 💧 27.01.2021 🔅109 of 95,1k - oneshots 18.01.2021 🔆90 of 264k -boyxboy 05.02.2021 🔆 6...

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Kaeya annoying Diluc

Yes. And I have a million of them

Tartaglia / Childe edit

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sorry armin

sorry armin